Waste of Colour / Colour of Waste (exploring boundaries)

The Colour of Waste is a new installation by  Dorieke Schreurs.

“Pioneering, researching, changing of the mindset, exploring boundaries with natural materials. These are the things which occupy my artistic mind.  Which other uses do materials have? These borders I search and try to cross. The knowledge gained during these processes I use to give (raw) materials a different use. I breach the boundaries of possibilities and create a foundation for sustainable development in the world of colour.  A world without boundaries, which strives for synergy between art, nature and science.”

This installation is displayed during CityLiv, a part of the Cultura Nova festival in Heerlen from August 19 till 27 2017. It is also  part of the  “Festival van de Toekomst” in September 14/15 2017.