Couleur Locale, the making of an artist studio/lab!

Today the activities started in the beautiful space at CNME Maastricht! Throughout the summer I will be working very hard here, with assistance of employees and volunteers, to make sure the place will be ready for the start of the project. A whole year I will be able to work here and do further research into inorganic and organic pigments.

The space was still filled up with materials and stuff no longer needed, so everything was sorted, moved and put away. Now it becomes clear what we can do with the space…Next week we will start cleaning the space and slowly turning it into a artists studio/lab. It will become a place where I can work, do my research, but it will also be a place for educational purposes. For local schools, art students, fellow artists or other interested people.

I will keep you updated through this site, have any questions or are you interested in my work/research? Dont hesitate to leave a reaction or contact me!

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